Fitness Equipment for the Brave, the Strong and the Fearless

Want to get more out of your workout? Tone up, stretch out and smash every goal, with top-rated fitness equipment and accessories from Jump Up Online.

We’re here to help you feel stronger, fitter and more in control of your health and wellbeing. From strengthening and core fitness to cardio and yoga, Jump Up Online cater for every kind of workout, so that you can see the results you’re longing for, faster.

Expert Fitness Equipment, Chosen for You by Fitness Experts

Our goal is to bring gym quality equipment into the comfort of your home, so that you can push harder, go farther and beat your personal best. That’s why our fitness experts hand-pick every push up handle, dip bar and exercise ball for value, quality and convenience.

Strength -- Stamina and Power

Improve your stamina, coordination, power and speed with a strengthening workout. We’ve selected the best fitness equipment to give your strength workout a boost, including ultra-durable Non-Bounce Slam Balls, calorie-burning Ankle Wrist Weights, workout-optimising Resistance Bands and back-strengthening Inversion Tables.

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Core -- Muscle Tone and Balance

Want a more defined, toned core? Our range of core fitness equipment is designed to stretch, tone and flex your core, improving blood circulation and flexibility while reducing stress and tension. Take your core workout to the next level with a Komodo Exercise Wheel, tone your back, abs and chest with a 3 Wheel Ab Roller, or improve your balance with a Balance Exercise Yoga Ball or Komodo Exercise Balance Board.

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Cardio -- Coordination and Endurance

Enjoy fun and effective exercise with a cardio workout that gets the blood pumping and your heart racing. Whether you prefer to use a Mini Trampoline to take regular, low-impact exercise, or you’re ready to work on your speed, quickness and acceleration with a 12 Rung Agility Ladder, we offer a wide range of cardio workout equipment to help you attain your fitness goals faster.

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 Yoga -- Relax, Strengthen and Flex

Beneficial to both body and mind, Yoga is an increasingly popular choice for fitness fans. Improve your posture and stability in each position, with a comfortable non-slip Yoga Mat. Take your Yoga Mat with you to class easily and store it securely, in a stylish Yoga Mat carrier. Or take your Yoga workout to the next level, with an Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock.

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Need help selecting the right fitness equipment to help you meet your goals? Contact Jump Up Online and we’ll be happy to help.