About Us

I started Jump Up after losing over 2 stone (28 lbs) in weight, and nearly 10% of my body fat - by sheer determination and focus - I did in fact get off the sofa. 

I love scuba diving, hiking, running, working out at home and playing 5-a-side football but my main area of focus needed to be in balancing exercise with a nutritional diet and as a result I now live on a fairly healthy diet which includes eggs, spinach, grilled chicken and fish. I do have the odd day off of course - I'm only human!

The philosophy of Jump Up is not just to provide access to outdoor activity equipment and accessories, but to encourage and inspire everyone to get out there and get started.

We know how intimidating and tough it can be, therefore, we help customers with tips and advice on various outdoor sports, how to get involved and also nutritional advice whilst gaining simple access on what equipment and accessories you need. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to find out more!