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Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuji”, meaning yoke or union. It brings together body and mind, helping you to feel calmer, healthier and ready to be your best you. If you’re considering committing to a regular yoga class, there are plenty of great reasons to take the plunge. Regular yoga practice makes you fitter, happier, less stressed and more flexible. Here are Jump Up Online’s top reasons to give it a try.

Six Amazing Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

Healthy Mind

Did you know that practicing regular yoga and meditation will boost your serotonin levels and help you to feel happier? Yoga lowers levels of depression and anxiety, literally changing your brain chemistry and boosting your mood. That’s because yoga involves breathing techniques that calm the mind, as well as aerobic exercise, which boosts your heart rate and releases feel-good endorphins.

Healthy Body

Yoga can actually help to improve your general health, healing your aches and pains and making your body more resilient. Performing certain poses can drain your lymphs and boost your immunity, so that your body can fight off sickness. Practicing yoga takes your joints through their full range of motion and can help to prevent degenerative conditions like arthritis, by working areas of cartilage that otherwise might be neglected and wear out. Yoga benefits your bone health and helps to ward off osteoporosis, by requiring you to lift your own weight and strengthening bones that are particularly vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures. Yoga gets your blood flowing and improves your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. This helps to reduce swelling, cuts the level of clot-promoting proteins in the blood and leads to a decreased chance of heart attack or stroke, helping you to live a longer, healthier life.

Better Fitness, and a Cardio Boost

Yoga provides cardio and strength training benefits, helping to prevent heart disease and lower high blood pressure, as well as high blood sugar and atherosclerosis. However, yoga cannot replace a regular cardio workout despite its excellent fitness benefits, and we recommend still performing cardio workouts to boost your heart health.

Flexible, Strong Muscles

Want stronger muscles and better flexibility? Stronger muscles help to protect you from conditions like back pain and arthritis, and can help to prevent falls in elderly or vulnerable people. Yoga will stretch and tone your arms, legs, shoulders and abs, making your muscles stronger and more flexible as you gradually loosen up, lessening the pain caused by tight hips, hamstrings or inflexible muscles and connective tissues.

Natural, Gradual Weightloss

Regular yoga practice can help normalise your body weight by balancing your hormone levels, lowering cortisol and leading to less overeating. This is a very natural weightloss method that works gently over time, as you improve your fitness and general health levels, you will naturally move towards your best weight. Yoga is a change of mindset that helps you want to take care of your body and focus on your inner-health; so that you consciously make healthier eating choices.

Stay Calm and Clear-Headed

Yoga is designed to awaken your chakras and release the energy in your body. Pranayama, referring to life force or vital energy, is one of the core elements of yoga. Pranayama trains you to prolong and regulate your breathing for a calmer, healthier body and mind. Slow diaphragmatic breathing relaxes you, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, helping you to feel more at peace and in control. Pranayama breathing techniques form the basis of Yoga training. By breathing deeply and calming your body and mind, you can feel more relaxed, achieve better balance and stay calm and clear-headed, no matter what the day brings. Yoga trains your body and mind to manage stress more effectively and lessen its impact. As you practice your poses, breathing and meditation, you regulate your heart-rate variability and respond to stress in a more flexible way. According to Psychology Today, in a recent study over 85% of people who did yoga reported that it helped them to relieve stress. That’s because yoga teaches you that your mind and body are connected, and that you should focus on balancing the connection between them.

Get Started with the Right Yoga Equipment and Accessories

Jump Up Online sells a wide range of Yoga Equipment and Accessories to help you get started with this incredibly beneficial and relaxing form of exercise. From stylish and durable Wailana Yoga Mats to convenient and colourful Yoga Mat Carriers, we’ve got everything you need in our Yoga section.