Yoga Mats and Accessories

The relaxation and health benefits of a Yoga or Pilates class are greatly improved by using the right equipment. Jump Up Online offers a range of stylish and comfortable Wailana Yoga and Pilates Mats, Carriers and Swings, to help you boost the benefits of your exercise and express your personal style.

Wailana Lovebirds Design Yoga and Pilates Mat

Be the most stylish person in class with this gorgeous Wailana Lovebirds Yoga Mat. Featuring a delicate and charming design, this high-quality designer mat is twice as thick as a standard Yoga mat and provides extra cushioning for your spine, knees, ankles and elbows. It’s super smooth under your hands and feet, and there’s no need to worry about slipping while in-pose, thanks to the grippy material.

Wailana Peacock Design Yoga and Pilates Fitness Mat

Available in green and aqua, this ultra-stylish Yoga Mat is guaranteed to stand out during your Yoga or Pilates class. Featuring a unique Peacock design and greater cushioning for optimum comfort, the Wailana Peacock Yoga Mat is lightweight, easy to wash and latex free.

Wailana Willow Tree Yoga and Pilates Mat

With its relaxing scene of a lotus-filled lake under a canopy of willow trees, the Wailana Willow Tree Yoga and Pilates Mat is a stylish, unique accessory you’ll love taking to class every week. This comfortable, durable mat is made of high-quality, closed-cell PVC vinyl, providing you with a soft cushion while you’re in-pose, and a secure, stable surface that won’t slip.

Wailana Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Carrier

This 100% organic cotton Yoga Mat Carrier is available in three striking colours; green, brown or blue. The stylish design is crafted using eco-friendly dyes, and the convenient drawstring closure helps you to comfortably carry your yoga mat to and from class. A sturdy and durable carrier that’s made to last.

Outlife Parachute Fabric Swing Inversion Therapy Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock

Take your Yoga session to the next level with this Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock. Made from 210T parachute fabric material, the Inversion Therapy Swing is easy to carry and pack, ultra-durable and has a load capacity of up to 900kg.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Belt

Available in a choice of colours, including green, deep blue and purple, the Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Belt is made of high-quality elastic and durable polyester fibre, making it a long-lasting and reliable way to boost the effects of your Yoga session. The Hammock Swing can accommodate weights of up to 500kg, and folds down small for easy storage and carrying.

Yoga and Pilates Equipment: How to Select the Right Accessories

Two of the most beneficial low-impact aerobic exercise options, Yoga and Pilates are a great way to enjoy getting fitter and healthier with friends. Choosing the right equipment can help you to see results faster, and to relax during your workout knowing that you have everything you need to perform your poses safely and comfortably.

Choose the Right Yoga Mat

It may surprise you to know that not all Yoga Mats are made from the same material or are of the same quality. Select a durable, high-quality mat made from closed-cell PVC vinyl with an embedded fabric mesh, for exceptional strength, better grip and a more stable base. You don’t have to settle for a boring mat either; there are a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from, like the relaxing Wailana Willow Tree Yoga Mat with its calming scene of a lotus-filled lake protected by a canopy of willows.

Protect Your Mat With a Carrier

Carrying your Yoga Mat to and from class needn’t be a hassle. A Yoga Mat Carrier makes it easy to roll up your mat and take it with you, and to keep it protected when not in use. Why not select an eco-friendly carrier made with natural dyes and organic cotton, like the Wailana Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Carrier that’s available here at Jump Up Online.

Yoga Accessories for High Flyers

Aerial Yoga techniques are not for beginners, but they can help to boost the effectiveness of your workout while giving you an incredible sense of lightness and relaxation. The Outlife Parachute Fabric Swing is comfortable, durable and lets you experience the benefits of Inversion Therapy, or you can opt for an Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Belt and have a multi-functional Yoga swing that can be used for many different poses.

Jump Up Online Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

If you’re unsure which fitness equipment is right for you, let one of our experts suggest the right accessories to take your workout to the next level. Call us on 0845 222 0160, or email