Strengthening Fitness Equipment to Boost Your Workout Results

Strengthening Fitness Equipment to Boost Your Workout Results

 Jump Up Online sells a wide range of fitness equipment to help you strengthen, tone and stretch, from Push-Up Handles and Slam Balls to Ankle/Wrist Weights and Resistance Bands. If you need any help selecting the right equipment, our friendly fitness experts are always happy to offer support and advice.

Komodo Perfect Push-Up Handles

Designed to take pressure off your joints, relieve wrist pain and increase your range of motion, these Push-Up Handles from top-rated fitness equipment brand Komodo can help you do more push-ups for longer, with better results.

Komodo Non-Bounce Slam Ball

Take your full-body workout to the next level with a Komodo Slam Ball and discover your inner strength and power. These ultra-durable balls are filled with sand to prevent them from bouncing and rolling, so that you can focus on getting the most out of your session and improving your stamina, coordination and speed.

Komodo 2 x Ankle/Wrist Weights

Dial up the intensity of your workout with the Komodo Ankle/Wrist Weights. These 3kg Neoprene weights help you to burn more calories while you’re walking, weight-lifting or completing endurance sessions, by increasing resistance and causing your heart rate and oxygen consumption to increase. Tone your legs or arms and build up your stamina faster.

TRX Style Suspension Strength Fitness Pulling Device

This clever Suspension Pull features a configuration table, P3-1 rally rope, safety door buckle and net bag, to help you improve your balance, exercise your back muscles and get fitter, faster.

Fitness Elastic Belt Resistance Bands Strength Training Pull Ring

Start resistance training to improve your flexibility and strength. These durable Resistance Bands are made from natural emulsion material and come in a choice of four colours; red, grey, blue and yellow. They are an ideal accessory for your strength training workout.

Komodo Wall Mounted 300kg Pull-Up Bars

Make your pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips and crunches more effective with the Komodo Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar. It is easy to mount and very durable, so you can work your upper body muscles harder during your home workout. These heavy-duty wall mounted bars can take a max weight capacity of 300kg, and are made from a super-strong steel frame that’s ultra-reliable.

Komodo Parallette Dip Bars

The Komodo Dip Station provides stability during strength training sessions. The dip bars support up to 150kg in body weight and allow you to target your arms, chest, back and core muscles while doing stretches, tricep dips, pull-ups and push-ups. With two height settings and heavy-duty steel tubing, the Dip Station is ideal for at home use, easy to store and stack.

Komodo Inversion Table

Don’t let back pain or neck pain hold you back from enjoying a highly effective workout. The Komodo Inversion Table lets you exercise and strengthen your lower back muscles, speed up your metabolism and increase your blood circulation, with low-impact exercise that won’t cause additional back or neck pain. The solid steel frame, adjustable height, padded foam back support and padded ankle straps make it comfortable and easy to use.

Pink Kinesiology Tape Sports Muscles Care Therapeutic Bandage

Relax overtired muscles and help them to heal faster, with therapeutic Kinesiology Tape. This waterproof, breathable sports tape improves the body’s natural healing process and is non-restrictive, so you can still work out while using it. The wave pattern adhesive backing moves with your skin and muscles, so it’s perfectly comfortable to use.

Gyroscope Force Strengthener for Your Wrist

Want stronger wrists for more effective weight training? The Gyroscope Force Strengthener is lightweight, portable and made of durable, environmentally-friendly material. Its steel axis provides enough resistance for you to stretch and tone your wrist muscles, and the handy strap allows you to comfortably use the Gyroscope Force Strengthener without the worry of dropping it.

How to Choose the Strengthening Fitness Equipment That’s Right For You

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, just starting out with a fitness routine or looking to take your strength and stamina to the next level, investing in the right equipment can help you to achieve your goals.

Kinesiology Tape and Inversion Tables: For Recovery From Injury

If you are recovering from an injury and looking to get back into exercise, Jump Up Online offers fitness equipment that can help. Kinesiology Tape is a breathable, waterproof sports table that allows for a full range of motion during your workout, while helping your muscles to heal faster. So, if you’ve overdone it during practice and caused a muscle to tear, try using Kinesiology Tape to support and soothe your muscles while you gently stretch them. If you have a long-standing back or neck injury, then using an Inversion Table to perform low-impact stretches could be a great way to strengthen your back muscles. We always recommend consulting with your physiotherapist or GP before undertaking exercise after a back injury.

Push-Up Handles and Ankle/Wrist Weights: For Powering Up and Building Stamina

Looking to improve your stamina and core strength before moving on to a more intense exercise regime? Try using Push-Up Handles to power up your push-ups. These low-cost, ultra convenient fitness aids help you to do more during your workout, by taking the pressure off your joints so you feel able to power through your routine. You can also attach Ankle/Wrist Weights to improve your results and build your stamina.

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars and Dip Bars: For the Ultimate Strengthening Workout

Once you’re feeling stronger and fitter, it’s time to move on to a more intensive workout. Installing a set of Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars allows you to fully work your upper body muscles and really push yourself during push-ups, chin-ups, dips and crunches. Or for greater stability and a flexible workout routine, you can install Parallette Dip Bars that require you to use your own body weight as resistance during workouts.

Jump Up Online Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

If you’re unsure which fitness equipment is right for you, let one of our experts suggest the right accessories to take your workout to the next level. Call us on 0845 222 0160, or email

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