Core Fitness Equipment

Tone and strengthen your core with the right fitness equipment. Jump Up Online sells a wide range of home gym accessories to help you get defined abs and a flatter tummy, including 3 Wheel ab rollers, exercise wheels and ab toners.

Komodo Power Plank 5 Minute Ab Toner

Get faster results in just five minutes a day, with the Power Plank Abdominal Trainer. This handy device will help you to greatly improve your performance while performing reverse crunches, so you can tone your abs, bum and thighs faster.

3 Wheel Ab Roller

The perfect accessory for a home workout, the 3 Wheel Ab Roller helps you to tone your back, abs and chest while reducing hand fatigue and preventing you from slipping during your workout. The rubberised soft-grip handles provide you with a comfortable, secure grip, so you can rapidly strengthen and tone your entire body by working your abs, core, torso, shoulders, arms, and your upper and lower back.

Komodo Exercise Wheel

Designed to help you improve your flexibility and improve your posture, the Komodo Exercise Wheel offers a whole host of fitness benefits, including boosting your blood circulation and providing a gentle way to stretch and strengthen your core muscles.

Komodo Exercise Balance Board

Get better balance and improve your posture with a Sports Wobble Balance Board. This handy piece of kit is popular with people who are rehabbing from an injury or looking to make basic exercises harder. The balance board strengthens your core muscles and can be used as a base for squats, lunges and press-ups.

75cm Balance Yoga Exercise Ball

Improve your spine and back health with a Yoga Exercise Ball that helps you build strength, tone your muscles and increase your flexibility. Great for balance training, strengthening and toning your overall body muscle and improving coordination, a yoga ball is also very helpful during pregnancy and labour as a way to alleviate discomfort and gently stretch your muscles.

How to Choose the Core Fitness Equipment That’s Right For You

There are lots of reasons to focus on strengthening and toning your core, from wanting a flatter stomach to longing for a six pack, or perhaps you’re looking to recover your strength and flexibility following an injury. Whatever the reason you’re focusing on your core, having the right fitness equipment can really help to maximise the results of your hard work.

Yoga Balls and Exercise Balance Boards: For Recovery From Injury

Sometimes having the right equipment can really help to speed along recovery after a sports injury. A Komodo Exercise Balance Board, for example, allows you to improve your core muscle strength, stability, balance and posture as you recover from your injury and rehabilitate. The balance board can also help to reduce pain and fatigue, so it’s well worth discussing with your GP or physiotherapist whether it could be right for you. A Yoga Ball is a brilliant way to gently stretch and flex your back and leg muscles, building your strength and flexibility while increasing your balance. It’s popular during pregnancy and labour, due to the low-impact, gentle nature of its use.

Exercise Wheels: For Correcting Posture and Increasing Blood Circulation

You can improve your flexibility and posture, increase blood circulation and strengthen your core muscles using an Exercise Wheel. A great addition to Pilates and home workouts, the exercise wheel can also be used to relieve stress and muscle tension, making it a great low-cost way to maximise the health benefits of your exercise sessions. The strong and durable inner ring is cushioned by a 7mm outer foam ring, so it’s super comfortable to use and capable of supporting bodyweight up to 200kg.

Power Plans and 3 Wheel Ab Rollers: For the Ultimate Abs

If your fitness goal is a flatter tummy and the perfect six-pack, then investing in a 3 Wheel Ab Roller or a Power Plank can help you get rock hard abs faster. One of the best home workout tools, a 3 Wheel Ab Roller rapidly hits your abs, core and torso while working out your shoulders, arms and back. You can position it at your tolerance edge and it’ll provide stability, while powering up your workout. The Power Plank 5 Minute Ab Toner lets you achieve more in less time, greatly improving the effectiveness of your workout so you can get those rock-hard abs and thighs you’ve been dreaming of.

Jump Up Online Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

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