Cardio Workout Equipment

Get your heart racing, boost your blood circulation and feel your fitness levels improve with a great cardio exercise regime. From skipping ropes to agility ladders, battle ropes and mini trampolines, Jump Up Online sells a wide range of equipment to help you maximise the results of your cardio workouts.

Komodo 6M 12 Rung Agility Ladder

This super light and durable 12 Rung Agility Ladder from fitness experts Komodo will help you improve your foot speed, quickness, acceleration and directional change while getting your heart racing. Push yourself harder during your cardio workouts and improve the effectiveness of your training sessions. This 6M training ladder comes with adjustable rungs and a sports carry bag included, so you can easily set up, clear up and carry it.

Komodo 8kg Battle Rope 9 Metre

Intensify your full body workout and strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders and legs with a high-quality Komodo Battle Rope. This 38mm diameter climbing rope helps you improve your coordination, speed and endurance, and is designed to withstand repetitive and long use. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Professional Skipping Rope

Easy to take with you everywhere, a Professional Skipping Rope is the most popular choice for intensifying your cardio workout. Get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and work your arms during sessions. This 8.5ft rope has comfortable foam handles and metal bearings, and features a hard-wearing PVC cord for prolonged, longterm use.

Komodo 48 Inch Mini Trampoline With Handle

An enjoyable and effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, a mini trampoline is great for all fitness levels and ages. The tubular steel frame and triple-stitched polypropylene jumping mat are super durable and help to prevent injury, offering a low-impact exercise option that can help you get back into fitness. There’s a removable handlebar that can help you stabilise your movement.

Smart App Body Fat Weight Scales

The TS-8028 Smart Scales can record your weight, BMI and body fat percentage, offering an accurate and comprehensive overview of your weight loss journey. The scales are easy to set up and work even when your phone app is disconnected; when it’s connected via Bluetooth you can share progress with friends or use the app for exercise management, growth records and weight loss plans.

Egoz Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Silver/Black 600ml

Perfect for use during home workouts or at the gym, this sleek and stylish stainless steel water bottle will keep you hydrated during high-intensity exercise sessions. Capacity of 600ml, comes in silver or black.

Your Cardio Fitness Journey

There’s a reason why health practitioners and professional athletes alike tell you to focus on your cardio fitness above all else. Cardiovascular exercise gets your blood pumping, quickens your breathing and increases your heart rate. Over time, doing cardio can make your heart stronger, reduce the risk of diseases like coronary heart disease, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, and help you to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Embarking on your cardio fitness journey will help you to live a healthier, longer life. Here are some tips on choosing the right equipment to take on your journey with you.

Start Out Right: Track Your Progress

Nothing gives your motivation a boost like seeing the results of your hard work in black and white on the scales. A Body Fat Weight Scale with smart app capability will let you track your progress on your smartphone, give you a clear overview of your current progress and help you plan your weight loss or fitness improvement journey.

Go Low-intensity First

Don’t fall into the trap of starting out with a high-intensity workout if you aren’t ready. You could end up feeling exhausted, deflated and losing motivation to continue. The most sensible way to start a long-term fitness regime that’s manageable and sustainable, is to start with a low-impact workout that boosts your cardiovascular health without overworking your muscles. A Mini Trampoline With Handles offers you a fun, low impact method of strength training and cardio exercise, with a removable handlebar giving you greater stability of movement. You could also opt for a Professional Skipping Rope and start out with shorter sessions and less complicated routines, and get your blood pumping and your heart racing without straining your muscles too much.

Power Up When You’re Ready

Cardio exercise can equal an intense, full-body workout when you’re ready to push your speed and strength past your previous limits. A Komodo 8kg Battle Rope can help you condition your body and improve your endurance, or a 12 Rung Agility Ladder can be used to boost foot speed, quickness, acceleration, directional change and time reaction, while having the cardio benefits that can help you to feel so much fitter and healthier.

Jump Up Online Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

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