All Home Gym Equipment

Jump Up Online is a UK-based retailer of gym-quality equipment for use at home. We offer worldwide delivery on a wide range of hand-picked fitness accessories, from Push-Up Handles that help you increase your range of motion, to non-slip Yoga Mats that are twice as thick and comfortable as a standard mat. Call us on 0845 222 0160, or email if you would like any help with ordering.

Strengthening Fitness Equipment

If you’re looking to improve your stamina, coordination, speed and endurance, then a strengthening workout is right for you. Our fitness experts have hand-picked the equipment in our Strengthening Fitness selection, which includes everything you need to get started with gentle or high-intensity home workouts.

Komodo Perfect Push-Up Handles

Take the pressure off your joints and wrists with these handy Push-Up Handles, so that you can do more push-ups for longer and achieve better results.

Komodo Non-Bounce Slam Ball

Improve your strength, power and stamina with a Non-Bounce Slam Ball that’s designed for high-intensity workouts.

Komodo 2 x Ankle/Wrist Weights

Burn more calories and build up your stamina faster while walking, weight-lifting or during an endurance session with these 3kg Neoprene Ankle/Wrist Weights.

TRX Style Suspension Strength Fitness Pulling Device

Get a better sense of balance, exercise your back muscles and improve your fitness levels with this clever Suspension Pull.

Fitness Elastic Belt Resistance Bands Strength Training Pull Ring

Stretch, tone and get stronger, faster, with these durable Resistance Bands made from natural emulsion material.

Komodo Wall Mounted 300kg Pull Up Bars

Work your upper-body muscles harder during your home workout with these heavy-duty Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars.

Komodo Parallette Dip Bars

Feel supported during strength training sessions, with Dip Bars that provide stability and allow you to target your arms, chest, back and core muscles more easily.

Komodo Inversion Table

Manage back pain or neck pain during workouts and exercise and strengthen your lower back muscles safely with this low-impact Komodo Inversion Table.

Pink Kinesiology Tape Sports Muscles Care Therapeutic Bandage

Relax overtired muscles and aid your body’s natural healing process with this non-restrictive Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape, suitable for use during workouts.


Gyroscope Force Strengthener for Your Wrist

Gain stronger wrists for more effective weight training, with this lightweight, durable and environmentally-friendly Gyroscope Force Strengthener for Wrists.

Core Fitness Equipment

Want better abs, a flatter stomach and greater flexibility, plus an improved posture? Core fitness is the right discipline for you. Jump Up Online offers a wide range of core fitness equipment to suit all fitness levels and ages, from gentle Exercise Wheels that boost your blood circulation, to high-intensity Abdominal Trainers for fast results.

Komodo Power Plank 5 Minute Ab Toner

Using the Power Plank for just five minutes a day can help you to greatly improve your performance and tone your abs, bum and thighs faster.

3 Wheel Ab Roller

Tone your back, abs and chest while reducing hand fatigue and preventing slipping, with this super-sturdy and reliable 3 Wheel Ab Roller.

Komodo Exercise Wheel

Improve your flexibility and posture as you stretch your core muscles with this versatile Exercise Wheel and see additional benefits from your workouts.

Komodo Exercise Balance Board

Better balance and posture can be achieved by regularly using a Sports Wobble Balance Board to strengthen your core muscles and make basic exercises harder.

75cm Balance Yoga Exercise Ball

Yoga Exercise Balls can help to improve your spine and back health as you build strength, tone muscles and increase flexibility. They also help alleviate pain and keep you flexible during later pregnancy and labour.

Cardio Workout Equipment

Better cardiovascular health can improve your quality of life and help you to live a healthier, longer life. Jump Up Online is here to help you enjoy better cardio fitness. We offer a wide range of workout equipment to suit all ability stages, from Mini Trampolines with support handles to 12 Rung Agility Ladders that let you push yourself harder during cardio workouts.

Komodo 6M 12 Rung Agility Ladder

Get your heart racing, your blood pumping and push yourself even harder during your cardio sessions with this super light and durable 12 Rung Agility Ladder.

Komodo 8kg Battle Rope 9 Metre

Intensify your full-body workout and work those abs, arms, shoulders and legs with a high-quality Komodo Battle Rope, for faster, better results.

Professional Skipping Rope

Work your arms harder and get your heart rate up during your cardio workout with a versatile and super portable Professional Skipping Rope.

Komodo 48 Inch Mini Trampoline With Handle

The gentle way to improve your cardiovascular health, a Mini Trampoline offers a low impact exercise option that’s suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Smart App Body Fat Weight Scales

The TS-8028 Smart Scales With Smartphone App help you to keep track of your weight loss journey via your smartphone and plan your exercise routines and diet plans.

Egoz Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Silver/Black 600ml

Stay hydrated during home workouts with this stylish, self-cooling Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Available in sleek silver or jet black, capacity of 600ml.

Yoga and Pilates Equipment

From non-slip Yoga Mats in stylish designs and a variety of colours, to eco-friendly 100% cotton Carriers and Anti-Gravity Yoga Swings, our selection of Yoga and Pilates equipment is designed to help you get the maximum benefit from class, in comfort and style.

Wailana Lovebirds Design Yoga and Pilates Mat

Delicate and charming in design, durable and comfortable by nature. The Lovebirds Yoga and Pilates Mat is twice as thick as a standard Yoga Mat, with extra cushioning.

Wailana Peacock Design Yoga and Pilates Fitness Mat

Ultra-glam and guaranteed to stand out, the Wailana Peacock Yoga and Pilates Mat comes in green or aqua and is cushioned for optimum comfort.

Wailana Willow Tree Yoga and Pilates Mat

Super relaxing and sophisticated, as well as durable and comfortable, the Wailana Willow Tree Yoga and Pilates Mat is perfect for mindfulness and meditation.

Wailana Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Carrier

Eco-friendly and fashionable, the 100% organic cotton Wailana Yoga Mat Carrier is available in green, brown or blue and features a stylish, striking design, plus a convenient drawstring closure.

Outlife Parachute Fabric Swing Inversion Therapy Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock


Made from ultra-durable and lightweight 210T parachute fabric material, the Inversion Therapy Swing is easy to take with you to Yoga class and has a load capacity of up to 900kg.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Belt

Available in green, deep blue and purple, the Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Belt is made of long-lasting and durable materials, and can accommodate weights of up to 500kg.

Jump Up Online Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

If you’re unsure which home gym equipment is right for you, let one of our experts suggest the right accessories to take your workout to the next level. Call us on 0845 222 0160, or email We offer worldwide delivery and are based in the UK.